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We has passed the national three-level safety production standardization review

We has passed the national three-level safety production standardization review

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Safety production standardization is refers to through the establishment of the safe production responsibility system, to develop safety management systems and operating rules, the governance risk and monitoring of major hazards, to establish prevention mechanism, standardize production, make each production process conform to the relevant laws, regulations and standards of production safety requirements, person, machine, material, ring is in good state of production, and continuous improvement, and continuously strengthen enterprise safety production standardization construction.
On December 17, 2018, a team of four experts from shandong yuanneng safety technology consulting co., ltd. went to xinghe filter company for a one-day national three-level safety production standardization review. The company is the shandong province work safety supervision and administration administration of machinery, light industry, textile and other safety production standardization units. In order to successfully complete this review, the relevant person in charge of production safety of the company has done a lot of preparatory work in the early stage. In October, the company first passed the two-system certification of safety risk hierarchical control and hidden danger detection and management system. The two-system certification is the basis of the national three-level safety production standardization review, and only through this certification can the safety production standardization review be carried out smoothly. The final review from the target, organization and responsibility, safety in production inputs, laws and regulations and safety production management system, education training, production facilities and operation safety, the hidden perils and governance, the significant hazards monitoring, occupational health, emergency rescue, accident reports the investigation and handling, performance evaluation and continuous improvement, etc. 13 items were assessed. After a day of intense and orderly audit, the company finally passed the national three-level safety production standardization audit. The standardization through, the enterprise can use the scientific method and management system to enhance the level of company safety management, to standardize the company's safety production and safety management and so on, all have detailed standard can depend on, so as to improve the safety consciousness of people, create a safe environment, regulating the behavior of the safety of the people, makes a man - machine - environment best unification, to achieve maximum aim to prevent and reduce casualty.
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