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Customers and friends, Yantai Tongxing Filtration Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of solid-liquid separation equipment and filter media. Through joint ventures with GUILLC and Finnish Centennial Enterprises, we have developed and manufactured a variety of reliable special textiles in the field of high-tech special textiles.

At present, the company's products are widely used by well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions in the world. The application fields include mineral processing, metallurgy, chemical industry and power plant desulfurization.

(FGD), paper making and water treatment industries have solved the core problems of solid-liquid separation for customers. At present, DZ-PET and DZ-PP series filter cloth independently developed by the company are the first choice for well-known enterprises at home and abroad in mineral processing, chemical industry and FGD. Under the high reputation, it must bear its weight. Innovation leads development and science and technology creates value.

二. Distribution of returned commodities:
1. Whether changing or repairing, please communicate with customer service first. If you don't contact customer service, you will return the goods and delay the treatment.
2. This unit does not accept any form of express delivery fee payment. For refund, please use door-to-door delivery.
3. Commodities exchanged must ensure that the filter cloth is in good condition. Packing must be accompanied by a note describing the situation and requirements (note: shipper, address, contact information, reason for return, how to deal with it).
4. Non-product quality issues need to be replaced, so the resulting freight customers bear their own.
Other matters needing attention:
1. Customers please contact customer service in advance, we will recommend the fastest solution for you.
2. No matter what kind of incomplete service you encounter, you can send a fax directly to our company. We will deal with it seriously and give you a satisfactory answer.
Quality problems refer to the following criteria
A Off-line, open edge, with breaks (non-man-made damage)
The actual size of B is not in conformity with the order (the measurement method is different, there will be errors, the total length is normal within (+20 cm), the deviation between left and right sides is normal within 5 cm, and the width is normal within (+10 cm).
There are obvious problems in C workmanship, such as asymmetry, etc.
The following does not fall within the scope of refund
1. Chromatic aberration (due to raw material problems, there will be some color aberration, not a quality problem)
2. Cable head or nose return (occasionally there are some thread head itself, which does not affect the overall quality).
3. The reasons why the concepts of "bad effect" and "bad feeling" are vague will not be answered. Please send a photo or fax (data description).
4. Distribution with accessories is not uniform. (Factory shipment, damage and fall in transit, does not affect the overall quality, but will be immediately reissued after confirmation)
5. Contamination (there will be some marks of neutral strokes in the process of making, which can be removed)
6. Damage caused by man-made reasons after purchase will not be replaced, but it can be repaired and a certain fee will be charged.
7. Because the sizes of filter cloth are different, they need to be specially made and cannot be exchanged. No quality problems will be replaced after they are fixed.
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