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Power plant desulfurization special cloth

Monofilament filter cloth

Single-layer multifilament filter cloth

Filter Cloth of Belt Pressure Filter

Double-layer monofilament filter cloth

HVPF Special Filter Cloth

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Its scientific and technological undertakings has made various achievements, including, PP monofilament filter cloth, PET monofilament filter cloth, strengthening filter cloth of monofilament and multifilament, thick monofilament filter screen, non-woven cloth and so on, most of which has been widely applied in the solid-liquid and air-solid separation of power plant, petroleum, chemical industry, smelting, mineral processing, environment protection, foods, pharmacy, etc. Our products and service win the praise of the customers.

Professional laboratory equipment,


Professional selection technology,


A number of patented products,


Design personalized product solutions for you.

Products are widely used by well-known enterprises at home and abroad.


It has been exported to more than fifty countries and regions in the world.


The application fields cover mineral processing, metallurgy, chemical industry, FGD of power plant, paper making and water treatment, etc.

We will continue to create greater value for you with reliable and professional products and services.

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ADD: Add: No. 15, Luanjia Road,

Fushan District, Yantai
TEL: +86-535-2132701 
FAX: +86-535-2132703

P.C.: 265500

Yantai Tongxing Filtration Science and Technology Co., Ltd.