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Our future depends on our peers

Our future depends on our peers

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With the continuous development of the company, the communication and coordination between departments and between employees has become a big problem hindering the development of the company. In view of a series of problems such as communication barriers, procrastination and buck-passing, the company organized a league building activity led by the labor union and the office.
On September 25, 2018, all employees of the company set off from the company on time and arrived at the group's destination, the golden river resort in yantai. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the league building activity, after comprehensive consideration of various factors, the staff were divided into five teams. Meanwhile, in order to give the employees who had worked hard for nearly a year a chance to relax, the morning time was free activity time, and everyone was free to move in the scenic area under the leadership of their respective team leaders. After visiting the zoo, the science museum and the military museum, the backbones of the posts devoted themselves to the amusement park and enjoyed themselves as children. Walking in the air, flying high in the sky, crazy mouse high altitude project, some people who are afraid of heights are encouraged by their peers to overcome their inner fear and bravely participate in it, and shout for fun.
After a morning of relaxation and a short rest after lunch, the main purpose of the company's activity -- group building activity is started. The group building activity is divided into three activities, namely rock climbing, ultimate password and concerted effort, which correspond to courage, communication and coordination respectively.