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What should be considered when selecting filter cloth

What should be considered when selecting filter cloth

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Let us, every day to very meaningful, to reflect the value, this is what we must be at work, of course on our products, we will also make us reflect the value of the filter cloth, so that we can correct understanding of our products, today we are going to talk about when the choice of intensity: the choice of filter cloth to apply for good mechanical strength, strength, blame, the cost and the uniformity of the parameters, such as not very suitable for as a result, the user can measure their condition to the requirement of strength Determination of filtration precision: filtration precision is a relatively accurate concept, filters, however, it is a relatively random distribution, pore size distribution in order to determine the accuracy, usually to filter cloth suppliers provide related aperture test to measure the selection of flux: usually filter cloth supplier not directly provide basis for a specific customer filter liquid flux measurement, usually in permeability is used as a reference of selecting parameters of the breaking elongation, the parameters of the reaction is material exercise when the total elongation, while the user is in use process does not have fracture under the conditions of use The recognition of our customers is the trust we have been constantly insisting on and giving you the best filter cloth products. Then we will continue to strive to give you the best things and the best service  

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