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Quality assurance production

Quality assurance production

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Yantai Xinghe Filtration Science and Technology Co., Ltd., as a filter cloth manufacturer of the group, has a long production cycle for filter cloth products due to the limitations of production technology. Since the establishment of the company, the delivery cycle of filter cloth products has become the focus of customer complaints. In addition, the recent surge of orders and the rush production lead to the instability of product quality, and the customers question the quality of products. In response to these problems, general manager wang shengyi and vice President guan wei, who are in charge of production, decided to implement the "zero thousand thousand public relations month" activity after repeated studies.
The purpose of this activity is to strengthen the management of the company, to implement the detailed production responsibility, and to ensure the smooth completion of various production targets for the year of 2018. This activity is divided into two parts, the first part is for the longer production cycle of the main process - weaving machine. Due to the limitation of production process, this process has become the biggest bottleneck in production. In view of this problem, the production department, after comparing the production data of the same period in 2017 and 2018, proposed the output target of 11,400 square meters (originally about 10,000 square meters) while guaranteeing the product quality. The second part of the activity is aimed at other teams without big quality accidents, small quality accidents continuous quality zero accident activity, zero accident activity refers to the strict quality control in the production process, to ensure the quality of the products handled by the team after the quality inspection department confirmed the perfect clearance. After the activity began, the production department each team leader in good signed with the head of the team after the goal responsibility of repeatedly led his team members to complete her mission activities of research, or for equipment improvement, or adjust the production time, in the process of activity every employee bases strength from dutiful to finish their work, each team also cooperate with each other, in order to complete the pr activities.
Through the unremitting efforts of all employees, the data at the end of the zero thousand thousand public relations month showed that each team exceeded the expectations to complete the activity target, the weaving unit output of this month was 13,500 square meters, 18.4% more than the original target of 11,400 square meters, and other teams also achieved the breakthrough of zero accident quality. In the process of the implementation of activities, on-site environmental maintenance, production safety assurance are also in an orderly manner.
This event is just the beginning. All staff of xinghe company will complete the company's goal with more enthusiasm and contribute to the development of the group company.